The 'I Matter' Child and Family Bursary

Fund Raising Scheme 


Our fund raising schemes are intended to support parents and professionals in accessing I Matter Training which focusses on improving confidence in adult-child relationships    

We run two schemes that are designed to have a clear impact on the wellbeing and healthy development of children with complex social emotional difficulties through providing careful training for the adults in the key caring roles:

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  1. I Matter Professional Bursary 
  2. I Matter Parent-Carer Bursary Scheme
  3. I Matter Project Development Funds

Our Bursary Scheme is supported by the Lead GP of the Kendal Integrated Care Community


How we work

Decades of careful research has demonstrated that adult understanding and confidence AND high quality developmentally sensitive schooling is very important for the health of our communities. However the importance of adults roles and confidence in the social emotional developmentl of children and young people has been overlooked.

Good quality informed support can make all the difference for parents and school and community staff who are struggling.   So we are all about providing a network that enables longer term effective skills building support.


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